Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Oklahoma SNOW! updated 4:40

Ok! i know this is not "teachery stuff" But I have to share! I am so excited! We don't get weather like this often here in Oklahoma! My sidewalk is filled with 15 inches of snow and it is still falling strong!
Sadly, this is the second time our 100th day of school has been canceled for snow! Last week it was supposed to be on Friday but we did not have school Thursday or Friday! And now today was supposed to be the 100th day but.....No one can get out! Emergency vehicles are all in 4 wheel drive vehicles now. We just heard one of them picked up a stranded Dr. who was headed to the hospital to deliver a baby! YIKES!!
15 inches!!!!

Now it is a few hours later and I have more snow!!! This is measured in the same spot as the one above.19 inches!!

And this is my porch!!! 22 inches!

And one last thing! My 4 year old opened the door in the garage and...


  1. Oh geez. We're not getting much snow right at the moment. Just lots of freezing rain. My car had about 10 layers of ice on it before I just took an HOUR to scrape it off. Winter weather is just fantastic! Haha! Stay safe!

  2. Oh yuck I hate the ice!! I am so glad we are just getting the pretty snow! we usually get the yucky ice. You stay safe too!

  3. Our 100th day was canceled 2 times. Finally we made it! How funny is that pic of the door! Be careful

  4. Wow that's a lot of snow! We have just had 4 ice days here in Texas 100th day was supposed to be tomorrow, but now I think it is next Thursday. Yuck! Have fun with your snow!

    Colleen Patton

  5. Wow!
    Thanks for adding my blog to your blog list. I just noticed it. I've shared your blog and a few others with some first grade teachers I know at my children's school.