Sunday, April 29, 2012

Prairie Days!

We had the best time living in the 1800's! We made butter, squaredanced, went to a one room school house, had a picnic, made quilt squares & had a sewing lesson & more! This was so fun to study our state history.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Following comments

QUESTION: How do you follow or keep up with comments on other peoples blog???

EXPLANATION: I have had a hard time keeping up because I like to ask questions sometimes on other blogs. Only I had to remember who's blog I commented on and then remember to go back and check to see if they ever answered! I was thinking maybe it would be like facebook and notify me somehow...but that wasn't the case. I knew there had to be an easier way...

ANSWER: I finally saw the subscribe button!!! It says...

Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)


at the bottom of each blog there is a subscribe button so you can be emailed when that blogger posts. Well there is also a subscribe button at the bottom of each individual post. Clicking this button will sign you up to receive emails notifying you when new comments on that particular post are made. Within the email there is a button that you can click to unsubscribe once you have the information you are wanting. :)

I hope that this is helpful to someone else...hopefully I am not the only clueless blogger in blogland.

What about blogs?

Welp, I decided to take a class about blogging to see if I can jazz up my blog a little! I would really like to learn how to create material to upload and share. I have tried it once before but there were problems. 1. I don't know how to format it so that it can download to someone else's computer properly. 2. I need to know about copyright laws for images and clip art! What's ok to do???I want to be better and share to all those who I have benefited from so many times!!! I love all of the great things I am able to find and use from other teachers across the nation! now that we are all sharing common core standards there has never been a better time to share and I want to contribute more!!!!So wish me luck and let me know if you have any help for me too!!!Oh! i also want to know how to get a blog button and how to throw a linky party!Oh!oh! what about students pictures?? Why do some people blur out the faces and other dont??

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Duties? Tell me yours!

Taking a poll! Please tell me what duties you have at your school! We have extra duties and wonder if we are way different than other schools or not.
elementary school-
- 25 minutes watching kids before school starts 1 week per quarter
- bus duty 1 week per quarter
- recess duty 25 min every third day

Other staff does morning and lunch cafeteria duty

Monday, April 2, 2012


My district is currently developing new report cards for first grade and kindergarten to align with the common core standards.We have in place representatives from each school and they are discussing and designing a report card. It seems very overwhelming! the upper grades don't have to change their report card because it reflects percentages in subjects as opposed to a detailed check list in early childhood. (which by the way I think checklists and student portfolios are awesome awesome) However, what the committees came up with for the beginning of our report card is good, but lengthy,crammed and is so strangely worded and vague that it is going to be sent home with a rubric booklet to help interpret the thing!!! I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. I actually feel like I am going to need the rubric for years to understand it myself. Now, it is still early on in the development stage for us, but am freaking out and really want to see what my sweet bloggy friends, who's districts are probably pros at common core and reporting by now, are doing!!!
SO>>>PUHLEASSSEEEE! I am begging you

Will you email me a copy of what your districts first grade or kindergarten report cards look like???
I want to see if we are on the same page or way out in left field. (seriously..why is there not a report card to match these national standards???)