Monday, June 10, 2013

What Scanner? Do you have one you like?

Do you know of an easy good scanner to use? I was thinking about how messy my classroom seems and how I want to clean it up! I had an idea. I get so overwhelmed with all the papers I get and the filing. I am a terrible filer. I hate it and I also can't decide where to put it half of the time. I do much better when I can just have it digital save it. Then I can type in the name of the document anytime and find it. I think It will like it much better if I could just scan everything in and hardly have any filing cabinets or clutter. I am ready to digitize my classroom. Anyone else doing this? what do you use?

Sunday, January 6, 2013


So tomorrow I go back to school after a long winter break! We are going to spend just a bit of time on New Year's resolutions and then dive right into one of my favorite units...Penguins!! Today at Reasors, when I was grocery shopping, I saw the cutest giant stuffed penguin ever! It was bigger than my firsties. SAD though!! The cute thing was $200!! I really really want it! :( Oh well. So I have some cute art projects that I will post later.We are collecting a bunch of milk cartons to make an igloo too! I have some great books to read and some cute little penguin clips form youtube that I will be showing. Here are the links I will be using.... SCAMPER BABY PENGUIN BEING TICKLED! PET PENGUIN IN JAPAN BABY PENGUINS FIRST STEPS PENGUIN NOISE DISNEY PENGUIN CARTOON DISNEY PECULIAR PENGUINS CARTOON PEEPING PENGUINS PENGUIN ON ICEBERG TACKY THE PENGUIN BOOK