Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Penguin Books

Placed a few of my favorite penguin books on display in the reading center this week. 
You know we all Love Tacky the Penguin!
We will be making penguin puppets, painting polka dot penguins, building pattern block penguins,  researching penguins on a penguin symbaloo and even drawing a penguin of our very own!

Happy New Year

For December Sparkles the Elf came to our room, so we opened  the "SPARKLES" cookies and cocoa shop in our kitchen center! It was so super cute, we painted the window,  got starbucks cups and everything. ..but i can't find a picture at the moment😕

Soooo here are a couple pics of the happy new year popsicle party. Of course my own cute boys pop in the pics to jazz it up a bit for you,  lol!  I got the cutest little popsicles for free buy saving up the scholastic book order points. They are number matching. Then the party hats were only $1.40 at Dollar General!  Throw in the cash register with play money and the kids are so excited!

13 going on 1

This year I began  my 13th year of 1st in Kingergarten

I spent the last 12 years in 1st grade (1 year in 2nd) and Wowee Zowee!
A semester in kindergarten has been a whole new experience!

First I will say my top 3 shockers
1. I had no idea that moving 1 grade level younger would be so much different (afterall, 2nd grade was not that different of a transition from 1st)
Being in school all day for a year makes a big difference! Never occurred to me as a first grade teacher.
2. I had no idea that kindergarteners were full of fumny & cuteness.  I mean even just their tinier adorable voices and some still round baby bellies! I'm serious. I.cant.even. 😍
3. So much learning really is their "first" (*sigh).
tiny little fairytales.... growing a little bigger in each magical moment.

I am very thankful for Cara Carroll's and DeeDee Wills' tpt stores and their blogs and to many many others who share daily on blogs,  instagram, twitter  and Facebook!  This teacher is forever grateful.  My first year in kinder would be so much harder without so many other amazing teachers out there to learn from!