Monday, January 31, 2011

Groundhog Activities

Yay! I actually did it! I made something and figured out how to share it...thanks to my sweet, helpful husband!
So tell me what you easy though, it is my first thing to upload ever! lol
I can tell you what parts I wish were better....
1. I would have liked to make the ground partner with his shadow or a hole instead of another groundhog. (hopefully I will build up my clip art collection)
2. I could have made the recording sheet say ___+____=_______
3. I could have included pictures to make reading the words easier (again, need to build my clip art collection!)
Anyways, hopefully it is something someone will use. :)
Thank you for any feedback

Groundhog Compound Words

I like to put alot of different things in pocket charts! I just love them! Since groundhogs day is so close to the 100th day I thought this would blend in the week nicely

100 groundhogs

On groundhogs day I like to take my kids outside to check and see if they can see their own shadow. We trace our shadows with chalk and measure them. I used to use a ruler or yardstick, but I am sure you know that is very hard for them to keep tack of when measuring a large object. So, I though it would be cute to print off and laminate a bunch of groundhogs for them to measure with. We have 5th grade buddies to do activities with but you could could partner the kids up with another class or within your own class.

groundhog measurement


  1. Very cute! Thanks for sharing!